Calling Con Ed is not Alway Effective

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I’m reading now that there are two people missing after the explosion in the East Village. For the record, calling Con Ed will not always help. I know I’ve posted about this many times, but I had to call Con Ed for three months to get them to respond to a gas leak in my building. I kept track of every phone call (and letter). This is the Cliff Notes version. There were many phone calls in-between.

10/7/07: I call Con End and report a gas leak. They come and tell me there’s no leak. Many phone calls later …
12/29/07: Con Ed finally agrees there’s a leak and turns off the gas to my apartment.
12/31/07: I continue to smell gas though and call Con Ed. Con Ed says I’m mistaken. I call the landlord, the EPA and HPD. No help.
1/8/08: I call 311 who calls the FDNY who uses their own device, and they agree there is still a gas leak and they call Con Ed who finally shut off the gas to the entire building. The leak was in an apartment in the middle of the building, not mine.

In other words, it took Con Ed three months to properly respond and only because the FDNY conducted the right tests, apparently.

This was from a demonstration yesterday on the steps of the former courthouse across the street from the Municipal Archives. It houses some sort of school now (among other things) and the students were protesting I’m not sure what because they were standing in front of their sign. But I saw signs about segregation and “Black students matter.”

Tweed Courthouse Demonstration, New York City

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More Cute Dogs

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The little guy on the right was looking at me! He loves me. He wants to kiss me. I love how the guy on the left raised his paw like that. He sat there with his paw up like that until the light changed and they moved on. Seriously though, these dogs are gorgeous and so sweet looking. What breed are they?

Dogs, Bleecker Street, New York City

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Eggplants and Cemeteries

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Someone left these eggplants at the gate of a cemetery on 11th Street (the Second Cemetery of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue). I googled “eggplants and cemeteries” and yes, it’s a thing. According to a few sites I found it’s an offering to the spirit Oya, who is an orisha. This particular orisha has influence over death and cemeteries. God, I love the internet.

Eggplants at the Second Cemetery of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue

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The Photographs of Good Friday, a talk by Larry Racioppo

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If you live in New York, you should go to this presentation being given by Larry Racioppo on Wednesday, March 25th, at 7pm at the Central Library in Brooklyn. He’s a great photographer! And the rituals surrounding religion are, well, interesting! For more details click here. The picture below is one of Larry’s of course.

Larry Racioppo

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More Bach in the Subways New York City

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I looked everywhere and couldn’t find the video of our Bach flash mob at the West 4th Street Station. It was supposed to be released yesterday. Thankfully, a fellow participant sent me this link to a video that was made by someone who was there. Maybe the video they thought they’d release just didn’t come out so well. It was a wonderful thing to do in any case, thank you Dale Henderson and Harold Rosenbaum.

I’ve been passing by this store, Kaas Glassworks, for thirteen years (117 Perry Street). They make such beautiful pieces and you can see from this picture of their window how charming this place is. I’d love to have a storefront shop to decorate. I have nothing to sell. Oh, well, my books. Ha. My cats would love to sit in the window, I’ll bet. I’d put a sign over them saying, “The cutest cats in the whole wide world. Sorry. But it’s true. Don’t hate them for their fabulousness.”

Kaas Glassworks, New York City

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