American Idol Results

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Riley Brea was one of my top favorites! I can’t believe he wasn’t one of the top 8. He’s only 18 though. Hopefully this will all be a soon-to-be-forgotten blip in his life and career, but I would liked to have seen more of him now. Adam is my other favorite, so I’m glad he made it through, although I really think he needs to drop the wild and crazy class clown persona. I’m not saying this isn’t a genuine side to him, but it’s tiresome when it’s all you see.

I don’t have a favorite girl yet. Actually, my favorite was already eliminated, but I don’t remember her name. I think she was from New Orleans. That reminds me, there was another girl I loved, Harry played the piano while she sang. She wasn’t even sent to Hollywood! I was shocked.

Harry Connick, Jr. is still the best thing about this show. I wish they gave him more time to critique. I really appreciate his precise and informed take. If I was a singer I’d want to hear his suggestions.

Another shot taken the same day as the one I posted yesterday. I’m guessing I’m somewhere in my 30’s when this picture was taken.

Stacy Horn, Echo, New York City

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When I Ran Echo Out of my Apartment

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Echo is an online service I opened to the public in 1990. It was an early social network except we called them virtual communities at the time (and it’s still around). See the dial up modems? Remember them? I don’t know when this picture was taken but it had to have been in the very early 1990’s. I think there are 2400 baud modems in this shot! The top shelf has what was then the newest, fastest modems. 9600. Haha.

Dial Up Modems

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Jack Maple

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The picture below is of New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton and First Grade Detective Wendell Stradford of the Cold Case Squad (I wrote about Wendell in my book The Restless Sleep). I forget what Wendell told me this picture was for! Probably for a ceremony for the plaque of Jack Maple they are standing in front of. Jack Maple was a Lieutenant with the New York Transit Police when he came up with the system that would later evolve into Compstat. Bratton was then the Chief of the Transit Police. When Giuliani appointed Bratton Police Commissioner in 1994, Bratton brought Maple along as his Deputy Commissioner of Operations.

The early history of Compstat is fascinating and brutal, and not everything that came out of it is a great thing. I remember thinking it was hard to understand why something like Compstat wasn’t in place long before, but it’s not surprising that the murder rate dropped so dramatically once it was (and other crimes too, but when I was researching my book I was only looking at homicides and the history of homicide in New York City).

No one could tell me for sure who first floated the idea of a cold case squad, but everyone was pretty sure it was Jack Maple. Thank you, Jack Maple.

New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton and Detective Wendell Stradford

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Blackwell’s House

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This is Blackwell’s House. I pass it by each time I go to the Roosevelt Island Historical Society. Some day I will go inside. Some day I will walk around the perimeter of the Island, but I am waiting for nicer weather.

Building started on Blackwell’s House in 1796 and finished in 1804. Must have been exciting times, except for all the yellow fever. But the war was now firmly in the past and everything was on the way up. Mostly. God, I really do wish we had time machines. But would anyone stay in the present when there is all of time to visit?


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I’m Going to be Doing Some Talking

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I’ll post about these events when we get a little closer but I have two events coming up where I’ll be one of the speakers.

The first will be at NYU, at the April 17th event titled: Mistakes Were Made: Computer History, Decompiled. This event is being produced by Laine Nooney, a computer and video game historian in the Media Studies Department at NYU, who seems like the nicest person in the world and she was very kind to invite me.

The next will be a June 16th symposium at the Yale International Choral Festival. I was invited to speak by the Artistic Director of this event, Dr. Jeffrey Douma, Professor of Conducting, Yale School of Music Director, Yale Glee Club and Yale Choral Artists, who also seems like lovely person.

I sound calm don’t I? I’m terrified. Talking in front of VERY smart people. ACK!!

I took this shot on my way to my doctor’s appointment. There was some sort of medical emergency in the subway at Union Square. FDNY to the rescue!

FDNY to the Rescue, Union Square, New York City,

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